Ouch! Bad heart pain... Should I go to a doctor?

I’m having extreme pain in my chest, I can drink or eat anything or it’ll make my insides sting, it’s making my whole shoulder and chest throb, and there’s sharp pain where my heart is… It’s not heart burn, because I’ve had that before and this is nothing like it… it’s also making my shoulder blade hurt like heck, and I’m a little light headed… What should I do ? I’m eating healthy, and I’m making sure I eat every meal. I’m active too…

I had this pain yesterday - not as bad though. Please help me, I’m a bit worried.

Answer #1

If its anywhere near the chest area go to the emergency room NOW. It could be really serious dont waste time! I hope your okay babe !

Answer #2

go to the doctor… the doctor will know more than us. go there asap.

Answer #3


Answer #4

=0 that happens to me 2 !!! it hurts SOOO badly when it happens liek I cant even breath when it happens its scary I don’t know what it is I wish I did so I cud help you out and me out I wud go to the doctor!!

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