Why is my chest or heart cramping up ?

Lastnight my chest was hurting so bad, it felt like I was going to explode. :). Jk, but seriously it started hurting and I tried to breathe in but that made it worse. Then I drunk water which stop it for a little while the 30 minutes later it did it again. But it didnt do it no more that day…

Answer #1

OMG I now exactly what your talking about.. Me and my sister get the same thing. It usually goes and comes back after a long period of time. And yes it does hurt when you breathe , even when you try to move. But if the pain is really bad you might want to see a doctor.

Answer #2

first go see a doctor

it could be indigestion, heart burn or worst case a small heart attack

but it could be many things

go see a doctor.

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