Have you ever thought/said something and its happened?

Have you ever thought/said something and its happened?

I have done this so many time lol I thought I was phychic :D When a new xbox game came out I asked my dad if he would buy it for me, he said no because it was to expensive, so then I said well if we win the lottery will you buy me it and he said yes.

Believe it or not that day we got 3 hotpick numbers and won £450 and I got the game =D

Has it ever happened to you?

Answer #1

first off, it’s “dejavu” second, yeah it’s happened to me plenty of times. some peolpe believe it’s a sixth sense. I think it’s a coincidence :o)

Answer #2

To me is worse then because if I can think of something, or suspect something, no way it will later on happen exactly as I told my friends, sometimes they don’t even want me to say anything when they are facing problems or something not just going right with them because they know it might just be what trouble them or what will happen to them, I am still asking myself, why is that happening to me?

Answer #3

things like that happen to me a lot too

Answer #4

lol sorry about that I can’t spell haha x] I’ve edited it

Answer #5

No, dejavu is when you do something and it feels like you’ve experienced it before lol what I’m talking about is basically you say something like “Its going to snow today” and it does, you know what I mean :)

Answer #6

Yes de ja voo happens a lot. You don’t remember thinking of it but you did and a few hours/days you remember not to do something because you got in trouble for it in your de ja voo.

Answer #7

All the Time.. Eg’s Not in the moodsfor Maths.. wished my teacher fell down the stairs.. she did.. Wondered when buck rodgerswas coming bac to TV.. a week later it did.. Someoneo wed me money.. He left on a trip.. told him do not return without my money.. he never.. dreamt my friends place was raided by Cops.. two days later, it was.. Dreamt my girlfriend wanted nothing to do with me.. next day she broke it off.. dreamt she couldnot live with out me.. a week later she called and begged me to come back.. shew.. I can go on and on and on.. Hope this answered your Question

Answer #8

It actually happens to me a lot. One example is these two families across the road from me were always arguing and giving my street a bad vibe, I really wanted them to move away…now one house is for sale and they moved away and the other was sold to a new family, maybe just a coincidence…I don’t know?? I also wanted a better paying job…and that happened within a few months…maybe I just made it happen myself??

I’m thinking a few things now…and I really hope they come true.

Answer #9

yeah, lots of times. lol

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