Have you ever experianced something you coudlnt explain do tell=]

Has anyone ever experianced something that they couldnt explain??? If so what??? And feel free to leave comments on my page if you want to tell me more about that experiance or a fun mail I would love to hear all about it, and maybe if it sounds really interesting and easy to perform then I just might add it into my haunted house.

As long as there is no harm to a person will depend on if it will be put into the haunted house. Thanks and hope to hear a lot of scary hair raising stories about what happened to you that you coudlnt explain.

Answer #1

this is more creepy then scary but from 1st-4th grade I always heard my grandma or my dad calling my name while I was in the school playground but everytime I looked around no one was there and there both still alive

Answer #2

I posted some other things but they didn’t show up. But I had copied them and here they are.

  1. Here’s my user name ‘katwoman28468’ for M.S.
  2. Once I woke up in the morning to the sound old an old Indian man chanting. I found myself sitting up in bed and realized that I was the one chanting. My son, who’s 38, was in the next room and I, actually, woke him up because I was so loud.

There’s so much more.

I’d rather not post the other things that have happened openly, but you can use the other ones in your Haunted House.

Answer #3

Yes, It happens all the time but not so much lately. I woke up one morning and there were deep scratch marks on my arms. They looked like letters. My granddaughter had spent the night with me and slept in the same bed with me but she said that she hadn’t done it and we checked her finger nails for blood and there was none. There was no way to explain it. My son took pics of my arms and I may have them in my ‘pics’ section on my space www.myspace.com/katwoman28468. If they aren’t there, I’ll try to find the pics and send them to you. katwoman

Answer #4

I was sitting in bed smoking a cig and wathing TV when I heard somone yell to me, I put out my cigerete and when to the rood where I heard it and I opened the door to find my gun cabinet unlocked and my guns on the bed and no one was there but I could still hear the voices, I called 911 but when they got there they didn’t see anything in there and thought I was pranking them and went home. The voices were still going so I called a priest thing and he got the spirit out.

Answer #5

turned out to be my sister with a recording

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