Have you ever thought this??

When I first heard about smoking pot and weed (I was between 5-7 years old), I thought that smoking weed was that you got a weed, like from the garden, and you smoked it. I thought smoking pot was when you smoke a cigarrette over a pot from the kitchen. About a year ago when they showed the commercials about drunk driving and they showed marijuana, I thought the marijuana was kool-aid. So I always thought, “why would they have a car load of kool-aid in their car?” and “what’s wrong with drinking kool-aid?” have you ever thought that or something weird that compares to that??

Answer #1

I think we all have when we were young, innocent, naive - I was riding in a car and the person had a Police scanner - on the scanner they said they had a report of someone hiding in the bushes possibly to ‘rake’ (actually it was rape) - for the longest I kept trying to figure out, why would someone ‘rake’ someone, LOL !!

Answer #2

Um. I didn’t know about weed when I was young enough to think that.

Answer #3

I’m pretty sure every little kid at one point though smoking weed - meant smoking weeds from the garden. I know I did when I was younger.

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