What the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

Myne iss:

Well I playin with a ujji board(which I regret) ndd I went down stairss and called for my mom and she answered.

But when I went up stairs she wasnt theree..

When I called her she said she was at jersyy,

Yuhhh turns out it was a demon I brought ito the house that said itt…

What the scariest thing that ever happened to you??

Answer #1

The scariest:

I was 7 months pregnant and I went for my normal doctor visit to hear the heatbeat, get measured, the usual. I laid down on the table and she pulled the equipment out and was trying to listen for my son’s heartbeat - she searched for a good 30 minutes and never found one. She then had to go get a ultrasound room open to they chould check on my son and make sure he was allright. That took 30 mintues. I sat in a room for 30 minutes thinnking my son was dead in my belly. We got into the ultrasound room and they checked on him - there he was moving around like crazy - that’s why they couldn’t hear the heartbeat - he wouldn’t stay still. I was so relieved.

Answer #2

I was “behaving bad” and my mom locked in my room then there was this person like talking from under the bed and I went to look but there was nothing there omg I was sooo scared I never found out who did it lolz (this was in the dominican rep..)

Answer #3

well mines either

when I had cancer or when my mum had it.

seeing my mum in hospital was the scarriest and saddest part of my life.

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