Harry potter movies.

I’ve read all the harry potter books and seen all the movies. My favorite movie is the goblet of fire, and my fav. Book is the prisoner of azkaban. Whats you fav movie, and book, and why??

Answer #1

I like the seventh book, my fave chapter is The Princes’ Tale becuase it’s so sad! My fave HP movie is THe last one and my fave scene is Dumbledore vs. Voldemort!

Answer #2

I thought the movies were terrible. the books were just ok IMO. people criticise the movies for not sticking to the original books but not being a fan of harry potter, I only read ONE hp book, so I went to watch three movies (sorcerers stone, prisoner, order of phoenix) largely free from any preset notions from the book. and well… I thought they were poorly made

Answer #3

I like the first book and thee first movie;) Probably because it’s more exciting to me! He meets everyone…funny things happen…lots of interesting things…even the background music! Lol I don’t know bout you but Harry potter reminds me of Christmas and Christmas makes me feel magical…anyone ever get that feeling?

Answer #4

movie is def the goblet of fire and I never read any book. shoot I havent read a good book since 7th grade im now a freahman in college…

Answer #5

I hate harry poter

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