No download websites where i can watch harry potter movies


So I looked, and looked, and looked yesterday and I found nothing! Not a damm thing! Anybody and as much people as possible can anybody tell me where to find free no registration no download websites where I can watch harry potter movies. Multiple websites please because lord knows you gotta go thru a hundred million frogs to find the prince...or in this case a wizard. I love the movies and I don't have them at my house! Please list all the possible free/no registration required/ no download required websites that have the movies.

Xoxo rather be at hogwarts then riverwood!

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try this site.

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try this site
they have movies and music there. all free

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A completely legal site. And they should have the Harry Potter movies. You don't have to sign up. Though, if you would like to, it's free and you can add the movies to a playlist for easy finding next time. No download required, either. They send you to another site that hosts the movie.

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Unless it's on / odds are, it's not available legally which case, you probably won't be able to find it.

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i watch movies online here on

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