Who's looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie?

I am really irritated still they delayed the movie release of the new harry potter movie from last holiday season to this summer…however, I’m definitely going to see it in July when it comes out. Are you looking forward to the new movie?

Answer #1

Nah. I don’t care for Harry Potter too much…

Answer #2

I like Herry Potter,I have some off has moves from the time he frist started,that was back in 2001 when he was just 11-12 years old.

Answer #3

Im sooo looking forward to it I can NOT wait! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE HARRY POTTER BOOKS AND MOVIES! I have all the books and read them over and over and I have all the movies and watch them over and over! lol ok a little bit of exageration but still, HARYY POTTER RULEZZZ!!!

Answer #4

Meee!!! Even though I quit reading the books…the movies are still good. I’m thinking about getting my ticket early.

Answer #5

I am…

Not so much for the Harry Potter hype, but for the actual movie…I just really enjoy watching movie series, and Harry Potter is one of my favourites (although nothing in my mind beats the Lord of the Rings, and I’m dying waiting for the Hobbit)

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