Harry Potter - Book vs Movie

I personally hate the Harry Potter books. I have every single book that is out. Read them all. Hate them. Still. The way they’re written, I think, is horrible.

But I absolutely love the movies! The movies are fantastic. Amazing.

Who else thinks the same? What do you think?

Answer #1

I love the movies, but I got my first Harry Potter book 2 years before the first movie came out, and the movies don’t have every detail like the books do, so THE BOOKS, they are awesome, and I do like the way they are written, is a big vocabulary, and my friends from Argentina, and Mexico, all agree, you want a bad book Twilight.

Answer #2

book over movie… sorry but the books are way better, the movie kills everything…

Answer #3

Because I like to know what’s going to happen before I watch the movies. I always need to read the books first if there’s going to be a movie for them. And also because my family is a huge fan of Harry Potter. So I buy them all?

Answer #4

I hate reading, but I have read the first few. they have more details, but yeah, the movies are better.

Answer #5

just out of curiosity, why would you own every single book and read every singly book if you hated the first few?

and I like the books, not a fan of the movies

Answer #6

I personally think that the books and movies rock, so I can’t pick!

Answer #7

movies , book is too many pages lol

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