what would happen if the earth flliped upside down?

Answer #1

You’d get the snow and we’d get the sunshine

Answer #2

The seasons would reverse. Lots of plants and animals would die out because of the seasonal changes. Ice caps would melt leading to floods? I mean the earth would generally survive. Humans like to make a big deal about things.

Answer #3

it’d be night time…

Answer #4

earth can’t flip for two reasons. first, its spin makes it behave like a gyroscope. second, the moon enhances that effect and stabilizes earth’s tilt. earth still wouldn’t flip without the moon but it would wobble more, like a gyroscope does when it slows down.

on the other hand, earth’s magnetic poles do flip every 100,000 years on average. geologists say it’s been 300,000 years since the last flip, so it’s overdue. anyday now the north and south magnetic poles might switch places. scientists think that migrating birds and fish will be in serious danger when that happens.

Answer #5

Heck yes :] I hate the sun!

Answer #6

Nothing’d hapeen, We remain like how we are now

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