Guys Answer This Too, I Want Your Input

Im the one who recently asked the whole question involving rape I want to know what everyone thinks… what should be the punishment for raping someone? why isnt death a proper punishment?

Answer #1

castration no anesthetic. Life no parole they should have to pay full monetary restitution to their victim. Same thing with child offenders. They should find away to stop alcatraz from sinking and shore it up and reopen it. death penalty in this situation would be a quick fix to only numb the pain. I hope I helped

Answer #2

death penalty shouldn’t be used. I think that they should spend LIFE in prison for it. this way, they have to live with the memory of what they did and it’ll haunt them 24/7. rape can cause the victim to suffer mentally for the rest of their life, so why should the rapist get off so easily by the death penalty?

Answer #3

because no one has the rite to take anyones life but god… well I aint like a religious person put dats what I think

Answer #4

I don’t think death penalty should be the consequences for rape Im a rape victim And I still don’t think that I think the consquneces should be like 7-8 years in jail

Answer #5

I don’t think that the death penalty should be the consequence for rape. I am a rape victim, and I still don’t think the death penalty is the right thing to give them.

I do think that they should have to serve their time in jail - atleast 6-8 years.

Answer #6

rape is a pretty lowly thing on my agenda… O_o dont they have like 100 bucks to use other means…hmph losers…

I guess 7 years + would be good… death is only a release while jail is well “doing time” and it can be agony…

Answer #7

There are different types of rape and different severities. These facts need to be considered in punishments. As an example, an 18 year old having consensual sex with a sexually active 15 year old is legally rape in many states, but can anyone identify any harm that was actually done in such a case? A fine/community service is appropriate in such a case.

At the other extreme lies random rape of strangers, or child rape. The harm here is real and severe, and recidivism is high. For a case like this, perhaps 20 years on a first offense, and life without parole if more than 1 offense is charged.

Answer #8

I am not really an authority to speak on punishment for a women being raped. Honestly I couldnt imagine the toll it could take on a womans psychology. But I picture rape as being very close to murder. For example it is interfearing the purity and sanctity of life, taking such a thing that can never be reversed. I can however confidently say that we are not punishing them enough because we dont punish enough for almost any crime.

  1. I would have to say 10 years with very good behavior on (forgive the term but less brutal offenses).
  2. Durring that time in prison however they should work on learning a job skill that can afford the alamony they will be paying to the victim for the rest of his life. A new meaning to the phrase a new lease on life. For repeat offenders I second Junkyarddogs motion.
Answer #9

To me, the death penalty is never ever apporiate. By resorting to violence, the state becomes no different than the criminal. The goal of prison should be primarily to protect citizens from violent and non-violent criminals, and then the next goal should be rehabilitation, even if it is not going to lead to ones release.

I think any violent rape or child rape repeat offenders should get life in prison. They can’t be trusted to be free in the general public.

Answer #10

castration,sex offenders dont deserve their bits n peices

Answer #11

Should cut it off!! ^_^

Answer #12

ill take back the death penalty part, I was kinda upset when I posted this one. but why should they only get a few years in prison???

Answer #13

Should cut it off!! ^_^

Answer #14

Wow, horrible thing rape. Unfortunately before I sentence someone for alleged rape, I would like to know how you define it. We don’t make laws just for the bad people…we make them for everyone. Only people that benefit from a lawless society are criminals. This is an emotionaly charged issue for all of us. Now, shooting from the hip…I believe we should treat convicted rapists just like pedophiles.

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