Green Tea - Miracle worker?

Question to Sweethome11: How much green tea did you drink and how long before you started noticing results? I feel like I am on the road to obesity. Any advice you can offer is most appreciated. Thanks.

Answer #1

Just drinking green (or any other tea) is not going to make you lose weight on it’s own. It can help you loose a little MORE when you exercise and eat right, but it’s not going to put you on the fast track to “The Perfect Body”. Tea is very good for you, however, and there are plenty of reasons to drink it. The caffeine situation is also a bit different with tea, and isn’t as concerning as the likes of coffee. I am particularly sensitive to the medium/long term effects of caffeine, which I do not get from drinking quality teas in quantity.

I would highly recommend getting high quality whole leaf teas; there are plenty that won’t cost you much. These will taste much much better, and usually have a lot more of the “good stuff”. Most people don’t know that green tea isn’t supposed to be bitter and astringent - in fact they should be light, sweet, and refreshing without needing any kind of sweetener.

Answer #2

I love green tea, but it would have to be herbal. Don’t add sugar, just lemons. If you must have a little sweetness add pure honey.

Now if you are trying to lose weight, I suggest trying a dieter tea. I recommend Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea. I just finished my 7 days of drinking an 8oz glass every night before bed. Believe me when I tell you that it flushes everything right out of you in about 20 minutes after you wake up in the morning, so stay close to a toilet.

Good Luck!!!

Answer #3

green tea is pretty good since it is warm and warm things fill you up faster. Just dont add sugar and its good. Its pretty sickly tasting but its worth it. I dont know about you but I feel it helps when I have a sore throat or sickly stomach..I heard somewhere it helps with constipation? niice.

Answer #4

Dear c_phillips01, People miss understand green or white teas. They do contain caffeine and green tea can contain 15-40 milligrams per cup. To reap the benefits of this tea you would have to drink at least 6-8 cups a day putting anyone over a safe limit for caffeine. If you are drinking it for weight loss you are filling up on liquids and the tea does not suppress the appetite. You would get the same results by just drinking water. Green tea has never been proven in helping with cancer or any other health problems. Speak with a doctor before drinking large amounts of green tea. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

No… that would be COFFEE.

Green tea is good, WHITE tea had the most antioxidants.

Answer #6

dosnt tea stain your teeth ?

Answer #7

I drink bout 3 0r 4 cups a day

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