Green Tea & Lipton's Brisk Tea

What are their similarities…Are they much alike? Cause I’ve never had green tea just brisk tea so I was wondering if they were somewhat similar…

Answer #1

Are you talking about bottled teas? In bottled teas the taste is going to be influenced as much by the flavors and sugar added to it. Most flavors of Lipton Brisk tea are made with black teas though they sell a green “brisk” tea now.

The various kinds of tea are from the same plant but are processed differently.

White tea is the least processed, just briefly steamed then air dried.

Green tea is heated immediately after picking then rolled and dried some more.

Oolong tea is intentionally bruised after picking to oxydize and darken the tea leaves then briefly fermented then dried.

Black tea is like oolong tea but is fermented for a longer period of time.

Darker teas (oolong and black) have a stronger flavor than light teas (white and green). I find black tea and most oolong teas give me “cotton mouth” where the tannin in the tea makes my mouth pucker so I prefer lighter teas. Bottled teas are usually so weak that this isn’t a problem regardless of the kind of tea used.

Green and white teas enjoy a reputation of being healthier since they are higher in antioxydants and lower in caffeine than oolong and black teas though some of the recent studies point toward oolong and black teas having more benefits. Of course every study that comes out seems to contradict some other study so who knows?

Answer #2

I drink a lot of green tea to pass my drug tests. it sucks

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