Is the Green Tea from Starbucks healthy?

Is it good for your skin? is it unhealthy for you? Thanks in advance :D

Answer #1

A few awesome stats about green tea were linked to in the answer here:

However…it really depends on what else is in it, how much caffeine, etc…if it’s less than coffee and has no sugar, then in moderation it’s very good for you.

Answer #2

If you drink it plain hot or cold it can be healthy. If you add milk, cream, sugar, etc. to it than all bets are off. While green tea has gotten a lot of press white, black, and oolong teas should all have the same general benefits. For raising our metabolism oolong came out ahead of green tea in tests. Tazo green teas are pretty good but there are lots of other good teas out there. I’m a fan of white tea; white tea is the least processed kind of tea and could potentially be healthier than green. White tea is quite expensive and though there are theoretical advantages of it over green tea most of the actual research involved green.

Answer #3

if i remember correctly starbucks tea is as healthy as a can of coke

also its not really green tea you see…. more like cheap yellow tea with added coloring….

saw this in a docu somewhere (i think food inc. or something like that) oh and the additives…divine >_>

Answer #4

green tea is healthy it also helps lose fat

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