Why do I get stomachaches from Lipton Green Tea Citrus?

About 3 weeks ago I drank Lipton Green Tea Citris and It gave me a stomach pain I never had before. So about 1 week later I drank some again and it gave me the same pain. Does anyone know why that could be? Is it the citris?

Answer #1

Maybe it is the quality of the tea or the way you are brewing it. Tea from teabags are higher in tannins than loose leaf tea. The leaves are very tiny and broken, this is necessary for the teabag to brew quickly. You may be sensitive to tannins and need to brew the tea just for 1-2 minutes.

Answer #2

Sounds like you’re body definitely doesn’t like something in the tea - could be the citris, have you tried something else thats got citris in it to see if it gives you the same pain? Sometimes our bodies are just intolerant or even allergic to some things - some people have gluten intolerances (can’t have wheat based foods, eg bread), others may be lactose intolerant (can’t have dairy products - milk, cheese, even ice cream) - its just the way we are, and for the most part can’t be helped. Best you try and find out what it is though, so you can try and avoid the pain in future.

Answer #3

I Have not tried anything else with Citris…I started drinking Lipton Ice Tea. Well I made a dr appt this week so I will ask my Dr Then. Thanks!

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