What grade level do I get to dissect things?

Answer #1

I live in Houston, and I got to in 7th grade.

Answer #2

I’ve never had to dissect anything (thank god) & I’m in 11th grade. I think it just depends on your school.

Answer #3

Depends on your school… but usually around 6th-8th grade :)

Answer #4

Depends on your school and where you live. I disected an ox heart in 7th grade and we’re disecting a rat in 12th in biology.

Answer #5

My bro dissected a cat and a cows eyeball in 9th grade. It was gross. And I dissected a flower in 6th grade for science hah :p. But last year in 8th grade I dissected a frog, and a chicken. Just depends I guess.

Answer #6

Did you get to cook and eat the chiken or throw it out?

Answer #7

No we didnt get to cook it and eat it hah. Most people pretty much tore the thing apart into pieces, and others were all grossed out.But it wants a whole chicken per group, you just got like a different part per group..Mine got the wing and the breast..The wing was grossest cause if you pushed on a certain part it will flap like it was trying to fly..

Answer #8


Answer #9

where i live at like the 11th or 12

Answer #10

I never did any dissecting until university. In my first and second year I dissected a deer knee joint and a rat. In my third year I dissected a human arm, leg and spine.

Answer #11

Definitely depends on your school system. I didn’t even get to dissect anything until senior year in anatomy.

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