Why am I getting this kind of grades?

I was told that I had the biggest average in our academy. I was so freakin’ shocked. I was also told that I had the highest score in the midterms. It’s so weird how my friend studies so much and she only get’s 80’s. I never-repeat NEVER- study. At all. I’m thinkin it’s because of my memory, however, I’m a very forgetful pesron. Why is that my friend (who studies so much) get low grades, and me(who just goes party) get really god grades?

Answer #1

perhaps you’re just a natural or the things (subjects) you’re good at/boost your average are subjects you enjoy? I’ve got friends like that as well, they hear and learn things once in class and that’s all they need to know! :P it’s a gift you have! lol

Answer #2

happens to me my friend spent forever on this project and got a D I did it in a couple of days and got a B+ be glad your blessed with gettin good grades without studtinh like me :]

Answer #3

I guess it’s just a gift that you have. embrace it :)

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