How can I study better to get good grades and be a animator?

ok…so im not a great student and im moving to 11th grade. my study habits are weak at best and I only get 1 to 2hrs top a day of studying. this is usually cause of video games. I tried taking away the games for about two months but thats making my grades worse..what should I do, I waana be an animator and im good at drawing but I dont think I can be one with such low grades

Spanish:70 Algebra:55 World history:74 Keyboarding: 77 English 2: 85 Art 2: 93 Biology: 75

10th grade ..grades..pleas how can I get better tell me some of your habits and ways to make you guys do better in school, and if someone can tell me what it takes to be a animtor for a video game company.

Thank you

Answer #1

First of all you need to focus and idont think taking away video games made your grades worst it was probalby because you were spending time thinking about it and didnt focus.I myself went thru the same things I had low grades and I wanted to be an architect what I did was focusing I stood away from my friend because they distracted me a lot I skip my lunch period to study or lef over homework .want thing that help me concentrat was just being alone with no distraction listen to music quiet and peaceful.By the way im in the 12 grade and im graduating in two weeks if I can do it you can too.

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