Original Ideas For A Birthday Present For A One Year Old Girl?

I Need Ideas For What To Get My Baby Niece For Her Birthday.. She’s Going To Be A Year Old And I Want To Get Her Something Original.. A Keepsake Maybe? I Have A Budget Of About Twenty Pounds.. Help?! x

Answer #1

I’m not sure how much 20 pounds is in American dollars but here’s some ideas since you want a keepsake:

-Hope Chest -Personalized poem framed -Scrapbook -Porcelain Doll -Personalized Stuffed Animal -Charm Bracelet or Necklace -Piggy Bank -Crochet Blanket made out of her old baby clothes or old pictures

Answer #2

A baby ring Knitted blanket {{handmade is more memorable}} A fancy doll Something that means a lot to you *Blanket with her name on it

Idunno what else. yeahh.

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