Is it good to give a 2 year old string cheese?

Answer #1

Not sure about that, it may get choked. Even adults can easily choke on string cheese.

Answer #2

Yes, cheese is good for kids and string cheese is fun for younger ones too. Just be sure that the little one only eats one or two…you dont want them getting constipated from too much cheese.

Answer #3

String cheese is usually chewy, so yes, unless they’re allergic. Also, you might want to cut it into smaller pieces since it’s lengthy to avoid choking.

Answer #4

I don’t see why not, I used to love it when I was little

Answer #5

Your best source of information is the child’s parents. They know what foods their child likes and may have strong opinions about what they want them to eat. Assuming the 2 year old is not allergic or sensitive to dairy than cheese should be ok for a 2 year old. You do have to consider choking hazards. As chewy as string cheese is I’d cut it up.

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Answer #7

Yeah I cut it up and her mom said that she loves cheese so thanks

Answer #8

Thank you very helpful

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