What are some good snacks for 2-5 year-olds?

I teach a toddler’s class at church and I’m running out of ideas! D: HELP :)

Answer #1

Fruit!! Healthy & good!!

Answer #2

Apple slices, crackers, orange slices, that sort of stuff

Answer #3

Cupcakes? :D

Answer #4

^ Wuops. Sorry.

Answer #5

Fruit, veggies with dip! :)

Answer #6

Oh darn :/ Forgot to mention we can’t keep fresh stuff fresh :/ No fridge :/

Answer #7

Cheese crackers, gummie bears worms

Answer #8

Gerber makes a fine line of snacks for all ages they would know best what to give your child.

Answer #9

Crackers are good, you don’t need a fridge and you could get some peanut butter to put on them! Orange slices and apple slices, and maybe some candy for if the kids are being good haha! You could get that powder that you mix into water to make orange juice and give them all a drink of juice too. Maybe a bag of chips poured into a bowl- somebody could hand out a few chips to each child. Hmm trying to think of something healthy that doesn’t need a fridge lol! Maybe those jerkey strips or dried fruit (dried apricot, apple, banana- yummm!) Oh a trail-mix with nuts, raisins and dried fruits!! Oh wow I feel like dried banana now haha.

Answer #10

Especially strawberries, melons.

Answer #11

Graham crackers, gold fish, string cheese, cup on noodle (my ymca use to give us that if we had a good week) dried fruits, veggie chips, cookies, puffs, popcorn.

Answer #12

raisins, bananas, applesauce, and oranges are fine

Answer #13

We’ve got gold fish and animal crackers at office…

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