What do you think about God coming back and the rapture?

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Are you watching Left Behind? I am :P I’m hoping it happens soon, to be honest.

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Personally, I don’t think anything about it. I don’t believe it.

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It happens it happens, I up for anathing.

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I have no idea what may or may not happen, same as everyone else. I’m down for whatever, not really worried about it. I’m not afraid to die. Though I’d preferably live if given the chance haha.

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You know, some claim that it is going to happen May 21, 2011. So, I think that all the people who believe in that stuff should take their money, cars, and all their other cool stuff and give it to me the day before. :D Ah, and, of course, it’ll all have to be split between Angelee, Irene, and I. :)

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sorry guys, religion was created to control the masses!

Answer #8

yes - not gonna happen,but hey- believe whatever you wish, it is a free country after all- just don’t push it on me.

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Whether or not you believe it will happen, Christ will one day return to claim His own. I do not claim to know when, but I am eagerly awaiting the day. I can only hope that it happens during my lifetime, as should everyone, even those who do not believe it will happen. For if I am right and He returns, at least you will have the opportunity to witness the rapture and turn to Christ instead of dying and spending eternity in Hell. I do not know all the answers, I cannot debate all theological topics, but what I do know is that no one can tell me that my personal experience with Christ is not true. What He has shown me personally, no man can refute. My job is to warn others, even if they do not listen. I pray the ebst for you all. God bless.

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Everyone has their own opinion, just follow what you believe to be true in your heart. As for me, if it’s true, then hopefully I’m not one of the people who has to deal with giant fly/horse things chasing us around biting our heads off.

Answer #12

So in other words, you do not believe it to be true, correct?

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Never said that. I am a Christian, but I do not believe everything in the bible. If this is true, then half the people I know apparently will burn in hell. Not exactly a happy thought.

Answer #14

If you are a Christian, how can you believe anything in the Bible is false? you are contradicting yourself.

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Don’t tell me what I’m doing to myself. I am allowed to form my own opinion, thank you very much. I have my own past and future with God, I don’t need you to tell me how to believe :)

Answer #16

I am not telling you how to believe, but I will drop it. it is not worth arguing about. I have told you what God laid on my heart, and I can only hope that God will use you in amazing ways. I hope you see God for who He really is. God bless.

Answer #17

He has used me in amazing ways. But the God in the bible is different from the God I know. Read the bible, the whole thing, and you won’t think the same way ever again about Him

Answer #18

God left? I thought God was omnipresent. Hmm.

Answer #19

It is unscriptual and fake do not worry about it

Answer #20

no, i beleive in evolution. its all science.

Answer #21

That is the stupidest thing ive ever heard I am a Catholic and i go to mass not because im afraid of hell I do it because i love God.

Answer #22

God is not coming back, s/he has always been here. Jesus, well, maybe if he’s bored with heaven. May 21st of 2011, well, so many people have predicted the end so many times, who knows, maybe this time they’re right! If they are, well, too late to do anything about it. If not, well, as some previously said, gimme all your money, because you won’t need it. Seriously, I worry about some people. DO NOT DRINK THE KOOLAID! Tomorrow will be a better day.

Answer #23

Wow, you so misunderstood her point. Religion is very popular among the rulers of the world because it lets them control people. It’s written all over history. Can’t forget the “rulers” of the churches either. Control, money, and power; three things religion basically hands to rulers on a silver platter.

Answer #24

I think it is simply another part of the outlandish dogmatic ridiculousness that inhabits all of Christianity. Doesn’t make any sense if you think it about it from a real world perspective. There is no evidence to say that the things that are in the bible that are outside our realm of existence can or will happen. Thus we have no warrant to believe them, we would be simply following and adopting by believing in such things and that thought process leads to more following and mainly terrible things like a sedentary mentality that allows for bad things like religious extremism to set in.

Answer #25

How so? How are they different? How will I feel differently?

Answer #26

yu make it seem like those who dont believe in God are going to perish in Hell.

Answer #27

ftr. i am a catholic christian. nd yes there are some things that the church says that i dont believe. doesnt make anyone any less of a christian.

Answer #28

I believe that Jesus is coming back one day “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”(Mark 13:32) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

10But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” (1 Pet 3:9-10)

Answer #29

What do I think? I think its going to happen. And somewhere in the near future. There are signs all around us that point to the endtimes, I believe we’re living in them. I think that Jesus will return and take His followers, and then there will be 7 years still before He comes again and defeats Satan. Then there’s a thousand year reign, and to be honest, Im not an expert on it. Read the Left Behind series, tho, theyre awesome books that talk about it and are based on Christian scriptures :) Thats how I learned a lot about it

Answer #30

And i dont beleive the rapture will take place though…

Answer #31

Hmm? I dont quite get it. Youre quoting scripture about the rapture and Christ’s returning, but you dont believe in it? Huh?

Answer #32

The rapture was explained to me by someone that ppl will be mysteriously taken from earth and life will still go on for the rest that are left behind. i dont this will happen. But i do beleive that Christ will return.

Answer #33

Even if you believe in something as patently absurd as the Rapture, you should know it’s not a Biblical doctrine, but a manmade one. Every single generation of Christians, including the first, anticipated the imminent return of Jesus Christ. This one is no different.

Answer #34

OMGosh Morgon!

Answer #35

There is a thing called athestic extremism you know.

Answer #36

That is exactly what I believe. I won’t sugercoat it. Not having a personal relationship with God= eternity in Hell

Answer #37

can you nmame me one piece of science that has proven evolution to be true?

Answer #38

Its one sentance! I see no point in it! No context at all!

Answer #39

The bible is Gods word. The true God revels himself through the Bible Amen!

Answer #40

thanks for not misunderstanding what i wrote secularsara, as you can read it had nothing to do with hell at all, i was simply stating how religion controls the masses, the collective or people in more laymans terms. If you follow the rules and teachings of a particular church, your a follower and therefore being controled. Its how governments and high officials control and try to keep people in line. Your very wise for your age secularsara, you should be proud! and your reply was well written aswell. :)

Answer #41

very true!

Answer #42

Thank you! :) I liked your comment, there aren’t very many people who realize that they are being controlled by religion, or how easy it is for rulers to control the masses with religion.

Answer #43

Then I guess hundreds of billions of people are in hell. Since, you know, Christianity isn’t completely spread around the world, even today.

I call myself a Christian, but our Father wouldn’t have made us just to send most of us to hell for a set of circumstances outside of many’s control.

Answer #44

You know that rapture is a concept younger than two centuries, and that it only gained wide-spread popularity in the early 1900s, right? As said before, Rapture is entirely manmade. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the “F-you!” for 90% of Christians to the world. So much love and compassion, to wish eternal suffering upon your neighbors, isn’t it? Course, me being sickened and disgusted at people wishing such things isn’t much better.

Answer #45

Johnnyboy, go learn some Greek and read through the original transcripts of the “Ta Biblia” (meaning, “The Books”, the correct and original name for the “Bible”, a collection of scrolls organized at the whim of man.) Failing that, read the King James Version, bearing with the Old English style, as I trust it simply because it was the first non-Catholic translation, produced in a time when primarily the only motive was an alternative to the Catholic Bible. Read it all the way through, and maybe even two or three times. You might learn a thing or two and perhaps see the fallacies in both your current behavior and some of the things preachers preach. See, they rely on the money you or your parents stick in the gold bowel, which is why I have yet to hear one encourage studying the scriptures on their own. If they do, it’s in a class with the pastor present.

Answer #46

it will happen. God will take His ownout of the world and let the world go for about 3 and a half years then he will try to bring people to their sences, this will not work, well the rest of it is in Revelations. many people reject the idea that a carring and loving God would send people to hell. The truth is that people seem to want to go there. God only ask one thing ofpeople and that is to repent and come to him. People seem to think that the judgment is based on a presentage of how you lived your life, the problen is that sin is braking God’s law and just like man’s law one infraction is enough to condinm someone. If a person is on trial for the M word that they won’t let me say he can’t say to the judge “look at all the people I did not kill, or I have lived so long ond only killed once, I should be let off. I does not work that way, and it does not before God. The out come of sin is death. Jesus came and payed the price for sin, He had no sin, being born of a vergin he is out side of the sin of adam, He commited no sin, even Pilate, the Roman governer, and Herod did not find nay thing in him that marrit death. He took the punishment for sin upon himself. Everyone’s sin, yes even Hittler’s. Isiah sed “it is your sin that seperates you from your God” but Jesus removed that blockage. Now person can come to God with out sin in the way. You have to admit that you need it and that is where the problem comes in becuase people do not want to admit that they are wrong. They want to do it their way, they think that they have to earn heaven and there is nothing that they can do to earn it. Some people think that they should just go to heaven, that God should just take every one to heaven. Thomas Jefferson sed it best “not even God will save a man aganst his will”. You have to ask. He has made it so simple even an idoit can do it and yet when every thing is sed and done their will be more”idots” in heaven then PHD’s Because PHD’s think that they are so smart that thay are smarter then God. Don’t worry about that person that has not heard, what are you gong to do with Jesus? It is not enough to believe that he exixted, do you believe strong enough to put your life in his hands? I have a car that I believe will take me to Alaska, if I don’t get into it and point it that way then all my beliefe does me no good.

Answer #47

Jesus 2nd coming is entirely scriptual.

Answer #48

Its up to the person.. They have to either live their life for Christ and realize that there is a Heaven and a Hell and as long as you are a child of God which we all are and are trying your best to liive for him than you will also go to Heaven but if your living a life of sin and not wanting to do anything about that than you will go to Hell. There is no time for sugar coating…. You either go to Heaven or Hell and its all in the way you live your life. I’m not saying that Christian are perfect or what not because I’m the first to say I’m NOT perfect at all but as long as you realize that you need God in order to live your life than Heaven is the place to be.

Answer #49

but its in the bible? Look in Revelations.

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