Is the rapture like the second coming?

Is the rapture like the second coming? If so, how would most of you christians view that? I’m Christian myself and, the rapture is a baptist innterpetation right? Just curious.

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These are all make believe silly stories. Common, my kid believes in Santa and the tooth fairy. These are just stories created by primitive men.

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From what I know, the Rapture and the second coming are two slightly different things. The Rapture is Christ calling the believers up into the air at the sound of the last trumpet. Pretribulationists believe this will be at the beginning of seven years that will be called the Tribulation the last three and one half years to be called the great tribulation. There are three different views. Pre-, Mid- and Post- views. These are self explanatory for the most part. Mid Tribulationists believe that it will coincide with the death and ressurection of the two prophets and the death of the antichrist that results in the indwelling of Satan in the body of the anti-Christ. Post Tribulationists believe it will happen just before the second coming, as Jesus brings the believers behind Him when He confronts and destroys Satan.

I personally hold to Post Tribulationism.

The Second Coming of Christ (Or if you want to be very accurate the Third Coming - because he rose from the dead) Is the time when Jesus confronts and destroys Satan. This is Prior to the judgment of all who are living. There will then be a 1000 year kingdom in New Jerusalem followed closely by the Great White Throne Judgment. Then God will remake the heaven and the Earth.

You can find more info here:

It gives a more detailed account. If you have any other questions or if something is not clear enough Fun Mail me and I’d be glad to explain.

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I think that whatever God does not take us out of, he will take us thru.

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