What's a good gift for a 9-year-old?

What gift would be nice for a nine yr. old girl?

Answer #1

Depending on where you live, I’d say almost anything to do with horses. Most kids that age love them. Even if it’s not a real horse. Horse toys, horse patterned blankets or even spending the day with the child and taking her horse back riding. Of course, if you do take her out horse back riding, you might see if you can find a bryor horse (small horse figure made of plastic) that looks like the one that she rode. That way there’s a memory of the great time y’all had together connected to it.

By the way, please do report crazydrummer for that comment.

Answer #2

For a nine year old daughter I would suggest Bratz dolls, anything to do with arts and crafts, beading, bracelet and necklace making, etc.

Good luck!

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