What is a good secret santa gift for my 13 year old friend?

Okay so my friends and I are doing a secret santa thing this year. I got my friend Jade. She is an awesome friend. Are price range is from 10-20 dollars. I’m totally blanking on what to get her. Shes a gymnast, and is a girly girl. Any ideas? Thanks so much:)

Answer #1

maybe a gift cirtifacate to her fav. store hair accesories, maybe a blanket, slippers, and mirror, clothing, a jewlery box, or you could give her a basket full of random stuff people suggested like makeup and purse, gift cirtifacate, etc.this is what I did I took a photo frame and made a callage of pics. of me and my bffs. hopees this helps :)

Answer #2

a cute necklace from claires or icing or something,..maybe a headband to go with it

Answer #3

get lip gloss or an affordable ring. go to her favorite places and look.

Answer #4

LipGloss set or some type of make up kit or make something for her

Answer #5


Answer #6

A cute purse from walmart with some lotion or something inside it!

Answer #7

like something from bath and body works, if you live around one.

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