What should I do if my friend tried to force me to smoke?

Answer #1

My friend tried to force me to smoke, and I’m really scared. My mom said to just avoid her fromnow on, but I’m scared she’ll get me!

Answer #2

First of all, nobody can force you to smoke unless they have a gun to your head….since I doubt your friend did that, the general conclusion is that you simply didn’t fight it hard enough. Second, if your friend won’t accept it when you say no, then it’s not a friend.

Answer #3

by force me to smoke, she held me against a wall and tried to push it into my mouth. but i got away from her

Answer #4

she not much of a friend if she trying to force you to smoke!,be strong and don’t let her force you into smoking. just say no thanks,if you want to smoke thats your choice,but i don’t so respect my choice

Answer #5

Just grab the cig and burn her face with it. She can’t force you to do anything.

Answer #6

Tell them you have no intreats in ending your life.

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Answer #8

the only person that can force you to smoke is yourself…if you in your heart & in your mind that you dont want to do something, no one & i mean no one can force you to do so unless they are violating you! like colleen said, I highly doubt she put a bullet in the g*n and swirled it playing Russian roulette with your life stating that if you didnt light it up or take a puff they would use it on you?! right?! You always have the right to push someone’s hand out of your face look them straight in the eyes & say no…I refuse to do it & if you are my friend you will respect my judgment bcz that is what a real friend does!

Answer #9

nobody can force you to smoke, it’s entirley your decision. if you don’t want to smoke then just tell your friend that you don’t want to. and if she dont like the fact that you dont want to smoke then shes clearly not a good friend xx

Answer #10

Don’t give in.. unless you want to.. it’s still up to you..

Answer #11

tell her that she may think its cool to smoke but ur cooler bcuz u can actually say no :) lol

Answer #12

he cant force you , ! you decide for yourself

Answer #13

leave im i must say

Answer #14

no one can force you to smoke they can peer pressure you but the descion its all on you if you dont want to do something you dont want to then dont do it be the smart one not the dumb one:) do the right decsion

Answer #15

may be she is not really your friend…

Answer #16


Answer #17

My girlfriend wanted me to do this too and, if I did (she said) she’d do anything I wanted her to do. Needless to say I gave in and so did she. She said that if I smoked everytime she wanted me too I’d get the same “treatment”. Well, I did and now I’m hooked, much to her delight, strangely enough. So far, it’s worth it.

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