Should I try and trust my friend again?

My best friend told me one of my friends was talking behind my back. I really don’t like that!! I hate drama!! Now that friend that was talking behind my back is trying to be my friend. what should I do? Should we be friends again? Do you think I can trust her again?

Answer #1

A true friend, especially a best friend, only looks after your best interests, loves and supports you (or lets you know you’re doing something wrong when you are indeed wrong) - up to you, you can tell her this giving one more try or move on…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

Well if you didn’t confront her then how do you know the other person was trying to start things? You can’t have a friendship without trust so you have to talk to her about it.

Answer #3

if you can’t trust a friend to be loyal to you, then they don’t deserve your friendship. The people who can screw you the worst, are the ones you keep closest to you. choose them wisely.

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