My friends smoke everything!

A couple of my friends asked me if I wanted to come to the park today. I asked my mom, she said yes, so I went.

I texted one of my friends, to see where they were, cause I didn’t see them at the park. She texted me back, she said they were in the trees. Then I see her come out of the trees waving her arms around like crazy!

So I go into the trees with them, and I see weed, cigarettes, bongs, stumps, and a bunch of lighters everywhere. Then they ask me if I wanted some, I said no, and so they said OK

They respected that I didn’t want any, but I don’t really like how their only 12-13 and smoke everything! If I say something to them like, I can’t believe you guys did that! they’d say, so? its not like our parents’ll find out!

I stayed for a couple minutes, then I went home all freaked out! I always thought they knew better than that!

How can I get over this phase in my life?

Answer #1

smoking isnt bad for u but they too young to be in the adult world

Answer #2

unfortunatly there will be people of all ages doing drugs. My parents are in their 60s and have a friend that still smokes weed. what I would do in your situation is talk to them when they are sober. tell them you are worried about them and explain what drugs can do to them. go online to find out the side effects of whatever their smoking and let them know. maybe if they know exactly how harmful what they’re doing is they’ll try to stop. but don’t give up on them, they need someone to talk some sence into them. GOOD LUCK!

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