Why is his friends trying to force me?

This guy friend of mine likes me for a long time and I just found out after me and my ex of 18 months [I was inlove with him, I wanted everything with him] broke up a month ago, I told my guy friend and his friends that I want time alone to move on from my ex properly but lately I’ve been pressured either by the guy who likes me by being there all the time with me or either by his friends telling me he likes me a lot that I should go out with him so I can completely forget my ex and they wont stop. I’m getting fed up, I told them im emotionally unstable and was tied down by my boyfriend for 18 months and im actually free and happy without my ex for the first time and now they want me to be tied into another relationship just like that!

I told them I dont know what I want cause im emotionally unstable and parts of me are still inlove with my ex and I told them everything but they wont stop!! they just keep blaming me for letting the guy who likes me down cause he liked me for years and now theyre telling me sooner or later he’ll give up. Grr they wont listen, what should I do to make them understand?

Answer #1

Tell them they need to give you your space until you are sure of what you want. It wouldn’t be fair to the guy that likes you anyway (since you’re not over your ex yet) He’ll probably end up being the rebound guy… They need to understand you just got out of a long, serious relationship and you need time to yourself. If he can’t respect that, and he can’t tell his friends to back off, then he doesn’t really care about you.

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