Should I try and hook up with her if we're friends?

Well, I am best friends with this girl and we hang out all the time. I have a crush on her but I don’t want to try to have a relationship with her because I don’t know if she wants to be more than friends and I’m adfraid if I try to hook up with her she might not want to and we won’t be such great friends anymore! What do you think I should do?

Answer #1

Yeah, if I was your friend, I would want to know. But that’s because I don’t know if anyone likes me :(. I say go for it! If she’s a true friend, she’ll want to stay friends. It may alter her opinion of you in a good or bad way, but it’s worth the risk. Maybe she likes you, too? Good Luck!

                                                                      -- Drum Diva  :)
Answer #2

u should tell her how you feel about her, maybe she’ll feel the same way

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