My friend wants to kill herself, what should I do?

Ok my friend today was talking about ways to die without pain. She then told me she cut herself and hated her life. Last week she said these exact words “I swear I’m gonna killmyself.” What should I do?

Answer #1

if its my girl I would say youll be allright. wheneva you think just remmeber someone in the world needs you.

Answer #2

this happened to a peer of mine. you have to tell an adult immeadietly. think about it, you could save a life.

Answer #3

tell her parents… because my friend killed himself in October 08 … his best friend knew he had already tied his neck before but didn’t know what to do and kept it a secret. if his parents would have known he was in that situation he probably wouldn’t have ended up dead. it was a devastating situation for everyone and still is don’t keep this a secret.. you may regret it. my brother’s friend killed herself a couple years before him.. in the same way. before bryson died I would say wow she’s bullshitting but she might not be so help her immediately. his myspace still has the mood “ miserable and nervous”

Answer #4

well tell someone ebout this because your friend needs help look I no you probably scared that your friend will hate you but trust me she will thank you in the long run. she needs help tell a teacher your mum or dad maybe they could tell her mum or dad or you could hope this helps xxx

Answer #5

get her help a.s.a.p tell someone at school are even her parents just get her help!!!

Answer #6

MAKE SURE HER PARENTS KNOW - this is nothing to play ‘I’ve got a secret with !!

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