For the athiest

just out of curiosty, you know how Christians belive in heaven and hell after they die? What do you all believe happens when you die?

Answer #1

I made use of the escape route that was provided to me.

Wow… you make it sound so… selfish…

Answer #2

thats called being agnostic

Not necessarily.

Answer #3

thats called being agnostic

Uhhh… no.

Answer #4

I believe you die and that’s it, good game.

Answer #5

yeah… in my view…

It will be just what it was like before I was born…


And I won’t be upset, becasue I will not even know that I am dead.

I think that maybe the reason that the idea of heaven and hell came around because it is so hard for humans to imagine absolutely nothing because all we have ever experienced is something.

Answer #6

By the looks of it… my body will decay. Perhaps, some people will remember me from time to time…

At the moment it is my turn to remember others and… so much more! This is my life and I try not to be careless with it and waste it…

Answer #7

I believe I will leave this world the way I came in through nature

basically…worm food lol

Answer #8

I believe im going to die and go somewhere. I will be burried in a grave and nothing wil happen.

Answer #9

im sure I will go to Heaven, b/ci got saved..sooo, count me IN..=] and there are 80%-90% in the religion, ((in only the USA))BUT there are less then 85% b/c they dont exactly worship God…

and those who do not believe in Christ (unfortunetaly) or isn’t saved, they may end up in depends, because no one knows where they will end up…b/c only God makes that decision..

Answer #10

Well I believe that after death I am going to Heaven. It is not because I am a special person that I am going there but because I made use of the escape route that was provided to me. The escape route is available to everyone.

Some people believe that when we die there is nothing else. I believe that after we die there is heaven and hell. If the fact is that there is a hell and a heaven belief on the contrary will not change the fact.

Answer #11

I do not believe in any form of afterlife. When you die, you just stay dead forever more.

Answer #12

O_o my body will decay and I will return to the nothingness…

thats about it… oh yeah and people will cry…

Answer #13

I believe I will be aware that I am not in the same solid form anymore and that something happened. I will then realize I am the real me I have been forever and that the body I was occupying was the one I was using temporarily and it had that name and personality for that period of time while I was in that form but now I am in a different but familiar substance.

I guess I am not atheist but I don’t believe in religions.

Answer #14

yea well I dont know bout the other’s but I beleive in reincornation but I as for it all together no I dont beleive in god or Leusifer

Answer #15

We die and get buried or burned and thats it! We feed the earth one way or another. And the idea of heaven is just a good money making scam brought on by the Big Business of Church

Answer #16

I believe in an afterlife. & that doesn’t simply mean anything religious. We are here today. & We will be there tomorrow. I really dont know. Maybe I’ll grow into that big tree that later gets cuts down & I end up with the one book that I never really found factual printed on me… wait.. tha’d be the bible.. my bad!.

Answer #17

I think dead is dead. Heaven is just wishful thinking. There is no soul, the brain is the home of consciousness and when it quits functioning so does our experience of life.

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