if I dont get away from my family I will suffocate

if I dont get away from my family I will suffocate. I’m around my family to much, I cant even get 1 second to my self.my brother and sister have their own room and they dont spend any time in it ,always out and about they really dont use their room.while I’m stuck with my mum cause my mum amd my dad are not speaking and there are only 4 rooms so if I go into my room she is always there and if she is out my brother and sister come and bug me so im never alone. I need space but I know if I tell them they will get hurt so I dont know what to do?

Answer #1

just try to make them under stand in the nicest way as possibe

Answer #2

Yeah, you could try talking to her about it, but if that doesn’t work and you are still stuck sharing a room, you could try to get out of the house when you feel it is getting all a bit much, or go in your garden… if you have one.


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