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Should I risk getting in trouble for a family member?

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ok so my big brother sends out a mesage to all his friends on facebook wantin them to come support him in his next fight (hes a cage fighter) this fight determins if he goes pro or not so its a big deal to him. this girl messages back n has the guts to say this is stupid n dont tag me in this n i dont care n blah blah blah, well my lil sis logs on n messges back n says politly at first " if u dont like it just untag ur self in it n stop being tht way twards my brother when he just wanted you to come out n support him" she gets back on n says excuse my language u trashy lil girl dont try to talk to me n ur nothin but a stupid bitch n all this stuff TO MY LIL SISTER! i dont know bout yall but tht girl just messed with wrong big sister but the thing is i cant get in anymore trouble, so what do i do??? cuz i aint lettin her get away with tht stuff but im not tryin to get locked up either.