Getting along with family members?

Does anyone have a hard time getting along with family members? If so, what’s the problems? I don’t get along with my family since I’ve been having issues with my mother and father. I moved out but, still, I can’t seem to make up with any of my siblings. How is it for all of you in your families?

Answer #1

my sisters and I are pretty close, and I’m pretty much my dad’s mini me. but I don’t get along my mom at all, and I never have. I have a VERy hard time just being around her.

Answer #2

I know exactly how you feel. I dont get along with most of my family members because they always have something to say and their very judgemental. I cant talk to them about anything because they are always jumping to conclusions. they talk about my boyfriend, the friends I hang out with, the way I dress and the way I wear my hair, and plenty of other stuff. Blood isnt always thicker than water.

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