why... is fighting terrorism and preventing terrorism the same thing?

Answer #1

Because the way they are preventing it is theyre fighting it

Answer #2

Are you trying to cheat the system by putting ‘why…’ in front of your Question? ‘Is’ is an acceptable start.

ANYWAY. No they’re not the same thing. Trident is an example of preventing terrorism - if we have a fcking great big nuclear missile then no one’s gonna mess with us. But this isn’t a way of fighting it - it probably won’t ever get used. Fighting is is more like locking up the dckheads when they fail. You can’t fight something unless it’s happening, and you can only prevent it before it’s happened.

Answer #3

I do not think there is really a way to fight terrorism, because there is no front to fight. Terrorist work more like gorilla warfare and you really never know your enemy. I think the only thing we can do is to take steps to prevent this, but this can not be done at a governmental level, people just need to be smarter and more reactive to threats.

Answer #4

thanks. i didnt know FA added “is” to the started list. been a while since i been here

Answer #5

It’s cool :) if you need to check anything else out just go to the help page

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