Judges have become crafters of law good thing or bad thing ?

Many of today’s Judges have become crafters of law instead of interpreters - Is this a good thing or bad thing ?

Answer #1

Can you give us an example of what you speak?

Answer #2

Yes, Mark Levin is about the most vicious of them all. Most of them just resort to being concending, but he goes right for the jugular. I actually got on the air with him once. Once he has someone who can actually debate him, he just takes them off air, and gives the old “get off the phone you stupid lib”. I have never actually heard him engage in a real debate with someone. If he can’t brow beat you, he just hangs up on you.

And his views on the judiciary are down right scary. I actuall have read portions of his book Men In Black. Fairly well written, but full of mistruths and outright lies.

Answer #3

The king of the loaded question strikes again!!!

The judiciary has not changed regardless of what those on the right say. Any judge that makes a ruling that doesn’t go their way is immediately labeled an “activist” judge.

You must be a big fan of Mark Levin…

I doubt he has any examples, he is just going by the talking points that were given to him…

Answer #4

examples please. thanks.

Answer #5

I’ve not seen much evidence of this. Can you be more specific?

Answer #6

Not to derail this thread that’s going nowhere anyway but…

Does anyone else find Mark Levin to be one of the meanest, most vicious right-wing nuts around? Worse than Ann Coulter even. I’m appalled by the terrible way he treats people and his continual ad hominem attacks.

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