FIDO Blackberry Pearl 8100

Hello, I have been using my really crappy Motorola RAZR V3 for the past year - 2 years! I have like less than a year left on my contract with Fido and I just read that Fido just came out with the BB Pearl 8100.

I know the 8100 is an older model, but my parents don’t like to use Rogers. Both my parents have been a Fido customer for the longest time! And if I wanted to switch contract/phones it would have to be on the Fido network.

Sure enough I was really psyched about the iPhone 3G, but the plans and the phone together is like a major investment! I’m already paying $60 for a student plan and this isn’t even including any web browsing or 3G!

So I took a look at the plans and addons for the BB8100 for Fido and they advertise the phone for $25 on a 3 year contract w/ voice and any data plan. So I don’t think I would be using many services besides IM and Personal Emailing. I could use my home connection or school connection for the internet.

So my question is, because I’m really stupid with these phone related stuff. When they advertise the Pearl for $25 on a 3 year contract w/ voice and any data plan.

  1. That means that I only pay $25 once just to get the phone and never pay the $25 ever again right?

  2. The addon would be the $15 - Unlimited personal email and IM and I assume that would be the DATA plan? And I would have to add a voice plan on top + any other extras I want?

This question is aimed towards any Fido employees/reps and anybody that has already gotten the plan with FIDO and the phone or people who know quite a bit about this stuff.

Answer #1

Your best bet is to call Fido, it would have saved you all of this typing. Speak with a representative and I’m sure they’ll assist you with any problems. :)

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