Cingular blackberry pearl?

My father currently has a blackberry pearl through his work, which uses the cingular service. His work is going to upgrade everyone to the 8820. He asked me if I wanted the pearl to use for my work. Initially I was ecstatic and I would love to have a pearl for free, but I also have t-mobile. I know t-mobile sells blackberry pearls, but cingular/att has put their own “stuff” on their version and I’m not for sure if it will work.

Does anyone know if the cingular version will work with t-mobile card? Is it a simple swap of sim cards or will I have to flash the phone?

Answer #1

yea just switch sims cards!

Answer #2

No. A Cingular network locked Blackberry Pearl will not work with a T-Mobile SIM card. You need to unlock it in prior. You can unlock a Cingular network locked Blackberry Pearl safer and easier using unlock code. You can get the unlock code for a Blackberry Pearl from at affordable cost with easy unlocking guide.

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