Blackberry pearl [deletes my texts!]

ok, I just got a blackberry pearl like a couple of days ago..and whenever I send OR recieve a text it automatically deletes it within 1 minute, I set the time period for kept messages for like 2 months now, but it just keeps deleting them automatically..any suggestions?! [also, it keeps my messages that I recieve from like facebook, or myspace..but not regular ones..]

Answer #1

call the phone company and report it they might be able to get you a new phone

Answer #2

actually..I did fix it..and it doesn’t delete them…I just had to move everything to my memory card…

Answer #3

Hi! I have the blackberry curve… And this recently started happening to me… Like all within the past month… It is annoying… What I’ve done that seems to help is to turn the phone off, take the battery out & the sim card out for a few minutes… And put them back in (this gets the phone to reset & re- varify its software) which is needed ATLEAST every week! You will also notice that every once in awhile it will update itself- which is good- that is what its supposed to do. I think the deleting text immediatly thing is server issue… Good luck!!

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