How to upload photos off a Blackberry Pearl.

I recently gotten a Blackberry Pearl and was wondering how to upload photos off it to my computer. Do I need to get a media card?

Answer #1

You get the disk put in in your PC and you download it, make a shortcut for it on your desktop, click it and select media. Then you select Pictures and select the ones you want and add to your Pc.

Answer #2

Heyy! Just Go On Your Text Thingy And Make It Go To Letters And Type In Your E-mail. Hope I Helped

Answer #3

Thanks! Now how to I send them to my email? Haha I’m so lost on this phone still.

Answer #4

Send Them To Your Email All My Pics Are From My Blackberry Too.

Answer #5

I’ll give it a try! Thanks a lot!!

Answer #6

what if your blackberry doesnt have an access for da email? say if you dont have internet on the phone then how do you put it on the computer?

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