Phone is totally f*cked up! I have a blackberry pearl

OMG Please help me! Phone is totally f*cked up! I have a blackberry pearl. My sim card got messed up or something.. And my phone like just shut down but I could still her my ringtone if someone was calling me… Anyway my mom put my sim card in right ( I think) And now my phone worked (so I thought…) And right below my clock (on my phone) it says ‘Invalid SIM Card’ I don`t now what this means. Then I tried calling my dad, and it said ‘Emergency calls only’ I have no idea what this means either !! Can someone please help me out with my phone?!?!

Answer #1

I had a razr that did this, go to your phone company and get a new sim card, thats what I did

Answer #2

Whats blowing it out?

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