Is feeling fat and thinking you're fat mean that you will be fat at some point?

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Not really. I would think that thinking that you're fat would make you really concious about yourself so that you'd watch your weight...all though sometimes people will look at food and say "why not? I'm already fat anyways" and then gorge theirself. It depends on whih way you look at it, I guess

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Well, to answer the question it can mean you will get fat. Studies show that when a person is stressed, they tend to retain more water in their body (weight) and also create what is known as Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that suppresses our immune system and lowers our fat-burning metabolism. Too much of this hormone can actually cause the body to store fat inside and slow your metabolism down as well as spiking the blood sugar. This hormone also increases cravings for saltier and fattier foods through which you will more than likely eat and gain weight.

So to conclude in answering your question - it can. It's okay to feel fat and get stressed out sometimes, but not too often or else your fat-burning chances will be lowered and the opposite will happen.

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If your feeling fat it just means your confidence is at a low point but what you should do is list all the great things about yourself and then take a look in the mirror and soon enough your confidence will be back up again :) as for it making you fat.. the thoughts wont make you fat but your actions will.. if you decide to eat more and excercise less then yes eventually you will begin to put on weight but personally I dont believe the thoughts themselves will make you fat.. just get your confidence back up.. thats all you need and tbh your a pretty girl so i wouldnt worry about your weight :)

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