Does anyone else feel ugly without makeup?

Answer #1

not really, i still think im pretty attractive without it,. i dont normally wear powder or concealer ect since i hate the feel and look of faces with layers of make-up, i only wear eye make-up. buit i know a lot of girls wouldnt leave the house without it, usually though they put so much on and there face looks completely different with no make-up

Answer #2

I used to… At least with mascara, I couldn’t leave the house without it on! Then, I went for about two months without wearing any, life got busy and that was something that took up time lol. I feel weird with makeup on now. It feels very strange to me to put powder (or whatever) on my face for no real reason. Plus, I think I look just fine without it. :)

Answer #3

sometimes lol.

Answer #4

To be honest you really shouldn’t care. Sure make up changes your appearance a bit, but my little sister obsesses over how she needs to have her make up on when it really doesn’t matter. I say you’re fine the way you are!

Answer #5

by the way A LOT of guys like girls WITHOUT make up ;) just be simple .. be yourself and have confidence :)

Answer #6

nope. i am gorgeous without makeup :) i dont like wearing it unless its for artistic purposes.

Answer #7

i think i look better without make up… my skin looks fresher and healthier, some girls can’t go out without it though which i think is kinda sad.

Answer #8

Honestly, sometimes I do get insecure because I, myself, advocate natural beauty so I don’t wear makeup except eye-makeup sometimes as a form of self expression, but all around me I see girls with flawless skin, flawless faces, and I sometimes can’t help but feel less than I am. However inferior I feel sometimes, I do not like the way a face looks caked with makeup, it’s too unnatural to me, and really they all look the same (to me), so oftentimes I just got to remind myself, I am beautiful, no matter what.

Answer #9

I feel naked and not put together. I think there is a sence of sexynes to not wearing makeup. Its like a bare feeling, but certian occasions its nice to wear makeup. I am asian so I feel like If I dont wear eyeliner my eyes seem so small it makes me feel like I didnt get dressed for the day.

Answer #10

Yes, you would be lucky to see me outside of my house without it.

Answer #11

Just for the record I think you are lovely and in no need of make up. ^_^

Answer #12

I know that I feel kinda naked without it but not ugly, I know im perty without it too, as long as my face is washed and all im good either way :)

Answer #13

Nope. I feel beautiful.

Answer #14

I totally get what you mean! Especially where I live, the “white” (for lack of a better word) look is what is considered attractive here. So as an asian, I never feel attractive enough without some sort of make-up. Although I still try not to when I do.

Answer #15

The way I see it, either way I’m ugly and makeup is just wasted money to me for a few reasons … Oh well…

Answer #16

Yeah, I usually try to just use eyeliner, sometimes mascara. If I want to go all out I use the white liner for the insides of my eyes so they dont look so close together. I used to live in Michigan where everyone loved asian girls, and when I moved to Vermont my boyfriend was really the only one who had an asian girl thing, most people stared at me because in the North East there aren’t many asians, so I felt like an alien.

Answer #17

I used to think I was hideous without make-up. But I think once you get older you realize that stuff like that really doesn’t matter. I still wear make-up in public just so I don’t get that “naked” feeling, but it’s not like the end of the world anymore if I don’t wear it. I guess I just stopped caring about what others think about me :)

Answer #18

i think i look prettier without it hahahahaha.

Answer #19

You’re a guy. You’re not supposed to wear makeup. :P

Answer #20

No i dont wear make up and i feel more confident that those who wear lots of make up and still nervous about whether they are attractive or not and draw attention…so yeah I’m like its my natural face and skin and your approval isnt needed :D

Answer #21

no not really cause my gran used to say ur true face is the best makeup out there. Natural looks are actually better than makeup because it can be bad for ur skin

Answer #22

I don’t feel ‘ugly’, but I definitely feel less attractive. I would never go to work without makeup on, or go on a date without it. But I’m fine going shopping without makeup on. Or going to a friend’s house.

Answer #23

I just like the makeup look… my face is like so discolored in some spots so I always put cover up(: nd eyeliner. But that’s really all I put :P I look completely different without makeup. I look so ugly even my family nd friends say it. I jus look wayy better wit makeup. But I dnt rlly cake it on, unless its something speacial. I wuldnt leave my house without makeup. Nd even tho I think everyones beautiful the way they are, once u put on makeup, I think its really hard to stop.

Answer #24

i feel the exact same way.

Answer #25

no i dont wear makeup. i think that sometimes makeup makes girls look bad cause they wear too much of it

Answer #26

Yes, I do.

Answer #27

I feel ugly when I dnt have makeup on I hate it! Even when I’m in the house I feel like I HAVE to have make up on to look pretty! I feel u =)

Answer #28

YES!! and it bothers me so much! im tryn to cut down on makeup but i also wear tannin cream so if i miss applications, it looks terrible cuz it turns into discoloured skin all over. i wear eyeliner, masquera, foundation on certain spots on my face, and blush. im told i dont hav to wry bout it im pretty without it but it dosnt matter, i still hav to wear it. its like an addiction or a mental disease but i hate it so much. it sooo sucs but i do like applyn it. i find it fun but i just wish i had th confidence to not wear it wen i dont feel like it.

Answer #29

No but makeup is my 1 day to start with I love it so I like looking like im barbie so I wouldnt just leave it lol loves it!

Answer #30

samme :(

Answer #31

Yes, always. I’m just used to myself with makeup on. I never really even see myself without it except for after I shower.

Answer #32

i do, i have awful pigmentation and pimples, so i understand if u do as well… although i always think a woman is most beautiful in her natural state and when she is not ashamed to show her flaws, that to me is true beauty

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