Who else feels like wearing a suit everyday?

I am 18 years old, so I just wear normal clothes daily, but whenever I do wear a suit for any occasion, I think that it would be great to wear one everyday. Is this weird has anyone else thought about this before?

Answer #1

Haahah im a tradie and I couldnt imagine anything worse than wearing a suit all day every day! they look so uncomfortable and uptight! Im much more comfortable in in shorts and a shirt, plus I do enjoy having a tan :P

Answer #2

Most definitely. I feel as though I am important and have great power while wearing a suit. My school uniform had a blazer with it and I always felt important while wearing it.

Answer #3

I’ve thought about it but I prefer to live life besides study law my whole life! I plan on becoming a computer hardware engineer, but I am definitely wearing a suit everyday once my career is started, it makes me feel professional.

Answer #4

Hmm, well I guess I’m just a small percentage of the people who enjoy wearing suits.

Answer #5

Am aspiring to be a lawyer,but duh! I hAtE wearing suit everyday

Answer #6

you need to be a lawyer, lol

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