Am I really ugly without makeup?

Am I really ugly without makeup? Be honest please!

Answer #1

Hello! I’m 13 years old too…but the thing is I don’t wear make-up…

If you think you are ugly without make up, you must definitely erase that in your mind. A person without make-up reveals her true and natural beauty. Without make-up, you still look very beautiful. You must not feel insecure of your looks with yout cosmetics. You are very pretty and you must see that in your own perspective.

“Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”…so think that you are beautiful…make-up or no make-up…

Let your natural beauty shine through!

Answer #2

OK bra was extremely rude saying you are ugly…

I think you’re really pretty!

Answer #3

Oh f**k if you’re ugly, I’m Brad Pitt

Answer #4

u are actually one of the prettiest girl on here, and thats without make up!

Answer #5

you look the same

Answer #6

you look the same

Answer #7

you look the same

Answer #8

Here is a picture

Answer #9

no, I dont think you r I think you look the same as the pic with your makeup on

Answer #10

you look the same

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