How can i feel better about my physical appearance?

Answer #1

Always have positive thoughts. Look at all the good attributes you have. Complement people on their appearance and they will most likely complement back, this can raise your self-esteem. Think about how people that don’t like you, are just really jealous. Think of all the people that were born a different way or in someway worse, and be glad that you don’t become like them. For example, be glad that you are not obese or that you have better skin then others.

Answer #2

confidence is the hardest part.. everybody is different and nobody is satisfied with what they got..i imagine those ppl with missing parts and be thankful..and u’ll feel better about ur physical appearance..hope i helped:)

Answer #3

Look at the good things about you, see what you have that others dont have and be proud of it. Its hard to do, but possible. Best thing to do, is to look at yourself and give yourself a compliment, or when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirrow, give yourself a smile, because its you, and what you have makes you special, it makes you, you. Also try to stay away from people who bring you down, dont believe what others say, believe what your heart sais. Try to do things that make you feel better too, like wearing makeup, jewelry, certain types of clothes and stuff like that, this way you can love yourself for what you have made.

Answer #4

Ok so this may sound weird but i read cozmo magazine and they said that one of the ways is to get nude and get comfortable with yourself naked haha like walk around so you would feel better about the way you hold urself when you are clothed.. or something like that and also another one it said to look at yourself in the mirror and notice all the pretty thengs about yourself. NOT THE BAD. ignore that sh!t, everyone has flaws and if you think not now, just wait til they get older.. the pretty things you can try and juice up w a cute shirt, eye make up for your eyes new hair stuff for your hair or anythign that you like about yourself.. and if you dont like anything like your weight.. then that is fixable, i lost 40 pounds from becoming a vegetarian and id have to say it boosted my confidence. but some overweight people dont need it.. idk just dont fret on the bad things because everyone has their own flaws, Everyone does

Answer #5

self confidence is the key :)

think pretty and you’ll be pretty

make sure your clean and tidy etc , plan your outfit to give you a bit more confidence

we all have our bad days

Answer #6

Even though things can be hard sometimes.Just keep your head held high and know you are beautiful for being you regardless of what anybody else says or thinks.Their opinion doesn’t matter.Maybe you could try wearing makeup or choose a different makeup style.Maybe dye your hair or paint your nails a prettty color.Anything like that can bring out your beauty.Or just keep things the way they are and know that god put you here for a reason & it isn’t to look good.It is to be happy and live a good life.

Answer #7

Accept yourself. don’t care what other people say .

Answer #8

Accept yourself. don’t care what other people say .

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