How to make someone get over their fear of flying on a plane?

See, my boyfriend has a fear of flying… now I’m the type of girl who loves to go abroad and the fastest way is by plane…

It’s not that he fears flying its just… he hates the fact he can’t be in control of it, he’s not a control freak at all, I’m the control freak of the relationship but when it comes to flying he just can’t relax and I’ve tried to tell him loads of different things about flying but he just won’t have it… >.> I want to go to Japan on holiday with him and he won’t even go near an airport…

Answer #1

Get on the plane. To face any kind of fear id dealing with it, or avoid it at all.

Answer #2

Once you get him on the plane make his ride the happiest ride imaginable, your his girlfriend so you should know how to do that (if you want inspiration look up the music video for Britney spears song toxic) after that he’ll associate the good time he had in the plane and he won’t mind not being in control, because he’s happy the only downside is that he will probably want to relive that event every plane ride. Questions or comments? Please leave them on my profile

Answer #3

Well, there are various methods including:

(a) Hypnotism;

(b) Intra-venous Benzodiazepine;

(c) Burger & Milk;

(d) travel “air-freight” in a coffin;

….. etc.. YouTube Guide to Stress-Free Air Travel:

Answer #4

They need to get on the plane,that way they notice its not that bad, they need to like expiriance it. I dont think there is a way for someone to get over a fear until they face it by doing it.

Answer #5

Doh ! YouTube Video [Embedding disabled by request]


Answer #6

Why people are deluded enough to think they can make someone do something is beyond me. You cant. He has to choose to help himself. Try to persuade him to seek help for it (CBT is very effective for phobias). It is seriously unlikely that you are going to be able to directly help in this case. If its a control issue, you trying to wrench control out of his hands is not exactly going to be helpful. He needs to willingly go get help. You can try to persuade him to do that.

Answer #7

get on the plane– if it does not crash then you have conqured your fear. congradulations. :)

Answer #8

:-) lol I didn’t mean I was trying to ‘make’ him xD I should of stated the question a bit better really, should of put ‘help’

But thanks for the suggestion its the best and most sensible (sp?) one on here! And thank you for actually reading the underpart, reading everyone else’s made me feel like they didn’t read the whole story.

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