Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

What is your favourite alcoholic drink? Mine is malibu & coke :)

Answer #1

cherry lambrina I thuink it is very romantic :D.x

Answer #2

whisky-cola Lol

Answer #3

rum and coke or rum and orange juice, plain rum is good

Answer #4

hmmm tequila sunshine. or the incredible hulk. yum.

Answer #5

Sex on the Beach.. Or Chocolate Martinis. Or Tequila Sunrise.. Or.. lol =P

Answer #6

Malibu-pineapple, mojito

Answer #7

Ooooh vodka & redbull, I forgot about that one. I like it, but if I have too many it gives me a massive headache the next day. Vodka & pineapple juice is always good too :)

Answer #8

Pinna colada

Answer #9

Carona with a shot of bacardi limon. Cover with thumb and flip. add a slice of lime for a minty fresh breth and maby a lil salt for taste

Answer #10

sex on the beach, malibu and pinapple juice

Answer #11

Sweet mixed drinks … no thanks. Give me a hearty red wine, like good Burgundy. Much healthier… in fact, after a while most people outgrow the rather yucky mixtures described above.

Answer #12

Yucky?? Nooo, malibu & coke will never be yucky! :) I like sweet wines, can’t stand beer or dry wines, makes me want to puke.

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